Thursday, April 19, 2012

good stuff..

just look at that picture, I live here!!
I feel blessed every day that I see this beautiful ocean...
I've been inspired (as I always am when I read Kate's blog) to look around me, look through the busy, the chaos, the crappy stuff to whats wonderful in this life.  So here I am, taking a look around..
we ended the holidays climbing enormous trees...
hitting the city..
visiting the Aquarium, loving the street performers and the incredible heights of the skydeck..
School started back this week, the big boy went on camp all the way to Canberra and comes home tonight - YAY!! it's not been easy for this muma having him so far away, I'm busting to hold him in my arms tight as can be..
Hubby's still on holidays.  We've been taking long walks along the beach, stopping here & there for lunch or a coffee.  Talking about big things like the future, our dreams.  
We've been riding our bikes over the bridge to a favourite spot for morning tea. All very indulgent, I know! Today we tried a new place for brekky just out of town.  I wish I'd taken pictures, it was beautiful...
We've been shopping, updating the mans wardrobe, buying a new toaster and stumbling upon the brightest yellow gumboots..
we've enjoyed beautiful Autumn sunshine..
and marveled at high tides.

Life's not all sunshine and rainbows, but it sure is important to stop and take in all the good that surrounds us every now and then.  Writing about it and recording it here makes me feel happy, lucky and helps to put things into perspective.  

Acknowledging the good stuff, being grateful makes the hard stuff easier to bare, don't you think? I do...



  1. Definitely some fab and very touching good stuff going on there Mel! I love how much you appreciate everything you have and all around you. x

  2. Yes!!!!!! Acknowledging the good stuff makes such a difference.
    And reading about all the lovelies going on in your life has made me feel happy all over again.
    I'm so pleased you've been having such a great time with your man. Indulge away I say. x

  3. A really beautiful post Mel. Words, images, thoughts..just lovely xo

  4. A really beautiful post Mel. Words, images, thoughts..just lovely xo

  5. You are so right Mel, there are those bad things that happen but trying to focus on all of the good makes the bad seem so much smaller and less important. It's nice to see that you and your hubby are having some special moments together. xx

  6. ohh i love your photos! love your creativity! and so true! we need to stop and take it all in x

  7. Gorgeous photos Mel. Love your yellow gumboots.

  8. Gorgeous doesn't begin to describe these....that vest was lovely.....your sweet little men!

  9. Beautiful post Mel - love those gumboots !

  10. Lovely post. Love your images and what a lovely time you've been having.

  11. Positive outside = postitive inside I say.....whilst every day isn't always rosy, why would you choose to dwell on the negative :) thanks for sharing your wonderful week x :)

  12. Lovely post, I am so missing the sea now!

  13. Gorgeous indeed Mel! Hope your enjoying those cuddles when your boy. :)

  14. I absolutely love this post Mel and agree wholeheartedly that we need to stop from time to time and appreciate all the beauty in our lives.
    Your images are sublime :)
    Enjoy having your boy home, our oldest returns next week after living in Brisbane for almost 8 mths.
    Happy weekend to you and yours.

  15. Beautiful captured moments, Mel.
    Im so glad I saw this today, I needed to.

    The thought of doing my own post like this(and Kates) will work wonders for the heart and mind, I feel..


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