Thursday, April 26, 2012

for the love of crochet..

I've been crochet hopping from one project to the next.  There's a bundle of woolly goodness in progress in lots of little nooks around our home.  I'm making gifts for people I love, new babies and friends...
crochet in the yard..
in the car..
and random places.. 
I've been crocheting lots of things that I've had to make & have finished in time for different places, but isn't it nice to just make for the sake of making... 
I made this basic double cowl for my mother in law.  The colour spoke to me immediately, calling out her name. So I just had to buy it & make this for her. I do think she'll like it..

more creative spaces here...


  1. woolly goodness is right.....very clever :)

  2. I love all the colours and textures of your crochetings Mel, they all look so warm and snuggly and perfect for this time of year.
    And i think your mother in law will love the cowl, the colour is stunning. She is a very lucky woman xo

  3. So many gorgeous things on the go!
    I love cowls, she is going to love this one!xx

  4. Go you. Its been a while since I picked up the hook! xxt

  5. I love the new double cowl!
    You are a busy gal....

  6. Gorgeous colours and the cowl is wonderful. I have been knitting madly for a few weeks now, remembering all the patterns I used to do. It's a nice way to spend some time.

  7. Oh it's all so delicious and snuggly.
    I'm making my first ever cowl at the moment too. But mine's knitted.
    I hope you and your gorgeous boys are having a wonderful weekend Mel.


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