Saturday, March 24, 2012

our week..via instagram

 plans to spend a curriculum day at the beach turn bad with a freakish crab attack, crazy!! 
he's ok, claw scars make for great show & tell!  It may be a while before entering the water again..
one of many unraveled projects this week..
this could be next, I've completely lost interest in these colours..
 a little sewing makes a nice change..
some baking too...
indoor cubby building, hours of play tucked in here..

one week left and it's holidays again already, WOOSH that term just flew right by didn't it!


  1. Dont undo your ripples! I think they look lovely. Praps you just need to add some more rows to get a better image of where it is going.

  2. A freak crab attack? Only in your world, Mel. I know it's not nice, but I had a little smile (until I saw that sweet sad face, of course). x

    1. Bron, we're still laughing about it! Though it wasn't funny at the time, of course..x

  3. Poor baby......I love your basketball star and the secret hiding place...happy weekend!

  4. No idea what instagram is Mel, have heard about it here and there, but it takes fab pics! :)
    Love those skirts from the previous post. Doncha just love easy and comfy! x

  5. I love seeing your photos on Instagram Mel !
    Hope you have a great week and I'll see you on Instagram x

  6. love those colours up top there but i know what you mean. beautiful photos. a nice blog you have here. xo

  7. looks like you had a great week Mel! I love the photo of the wave crashing, makes me want to head to the beach, just not today...its a bit chilly :) very cute photos!

    Heather Jean

  8. Your beach photos are beautiful Mel. A crab attack, poor little thing, ouch. I hope he is ok now I'd be a bit scared about going back into the water too. x

  9. Oooh I love those colours.

    Love indoor cubbys. They are the best.

    What a sad little face - glad you can laugh about it now.

  10. It's lovely seeing your instagram photos all over again here, they really are all so beautiful.


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