Saturday, October 15, 2011

on the shelf...

YAY Vic, Thanks for bringing back an old favourite!  I'm playing along with Vic's My Place & Yours meme today. This weeks topic "On the shelf.." 
this is our spice cabinet made from a gorgeous old meat safe we picked up at a garage sale.  It sits on the kitchen bench & has two shelves full of spices.  We do hope to eventually have all the same jars, at the moment it's a bit hodge-podge, but I like it!  I love the old thrifted scales & the enamel dish on the top shelf, this little corner shelf makes me happy, not to mention the convenience of all our spices being so organised and accessible...

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  1. Love all the old stuff - so much more character.

  2. Oh I really, really like your shelf... on a shelf...! That little corner must really inspire you to cook magnificent meals; it puts me in mind of a the cover of a French provincial cookbook.

    Thank you so much for playing along Mel, I'm so excited to be able to visit the players in my meme again!

  3. I really love your shelf too, the way you have everything sorted and the spices underneath and the various bits and pieces! Very homey and cosy and warm xo

  4. Glorious!! I've told my siblings to back off from expecting mum's scales when she passes away (my parents don't mind us talking about how we carve up their estate while they're still alive) & they don't understand why i want them. Yay, love that i'm the main vintage lover in the mix. Love Posie

  5. I like it too. It is charming and inviting. The scale and enamel dish is something I fell for!

  6. Hej Mel!
    It's beautiful!
    Everything is lovely just lovely!
    LOVE the white scales and the mixture of spice jars...I'm with you I prefer the eclectic look rather than everything matching.
    Thanking you for sharing ;-)
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend

  7. How very pretty, love the scales. I'm now on the lookout for an old meatsafe after seeing how beutiful they look here. x

  8. Fabulous! The hodge-podgeness is actually quite lovely. And I learned a new word too. Yay for hodge-podge!

  9. Gorgeous, loved the worn edges of the meatsafe and the gorgeous scales as well.

  10. I like the hodge podgeness of the jars too! If you wanted to unify them a little bit you could paint the lids with blackboard paint or something. Love your scales too.

  11. Oh that is gorgeous and so useful too! Yes Yay Vic for bringing MPAY back is right :~)

  12. You know what? I used to yearn for 'all the same' on the jar front but I think I might have Let Myself Go. All of a sudden (turning forty?) I like 'em best all higgledy piggledy and individual-like.


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