Thursday, October 13, 2011

my creative space...

..stitching some extra special touches to a thrifty find. 

I'm not one to wear black, I don't own many black items of clothing (3 to be exact), so when we were invited to a black & white wedding it threw me into a spin...
I went shopping for something to wear, and found the perfect dress, except that it was over $400...hhmmm, not in this lifetime!  In despair I was planning a trip into the city to find something when what d' you know, on a routine op-shop venture I stumble upon this... 
the perfect little black dress!! It fits beautifully, and the best bit....$8!! Yep, EIGHT!

I'm thinking I'll add some beading detail to the straps and/or hem, and perhaps I'll shout myself a new pair of shoes to set this little number off nicely... voila, outfit sorted!

I have to mention, Hubby is sighing with relief at the sheer skill of this thrifty Mrs!

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  1. Yay for you ! I'm also wearing a thrifted dress to a wedding this weekend....but blew the 'partner relief' with $160 shoes ! Ooops !!

  2. Lol thats excellent. My husband seems to roll his eyes at my thrifty purchases these days...he knows not to say anything anymore

  3. Can't beat Op Shops can you? Very sweet little black dress.

  4. Score!!! Beautiful dress and great price!

  5. Hooray! What a wonderful story. What about some crochet or doily around the neckline? Just a thought after seeing the top photo. Happy weekend. x

  6. fantastic find. gotta love op shops. i get so much more excited by the thrill of a thrifted find than something in a 'real' shop. this one's a winner. ox


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