Wednesday, October 12, 2011

grateful for..make believe

the big boy has always had a brilliant imagination, we've had lots of special friends come live with us over the years.  Christopher Robin & the gang moved in with us when the boy was 2, they stayed for a very long time &  had very particular needs & requests over the years...

There was 'Clonsy', a very sweet little thing, he/she just blended right on in with the rest of the gang but didn't overstay his/her welcome...

When the big boy started kinder he told the teacher how I'd happily leave him at home in charge of his little brother's aged 2yrs & newborn while I did the grocery shopping and things...

In prep his teacher was fascinated by our transient lifestyle, travelling the country in a combie until we stopped here & bought the local fish 'n chip shop in town that we decided to live above, just for a little while until we're ready to go on travelling again...

There are loads more stories, probably more than I know.  I've had to explain myself to teachers and other kids parents on several occasions...

Now the big kid is 10, so I wasn't expecting it when one of the school teachers inquired about hubby's current assignment in Russia!  

We'll have a word to him about flat out lying to the teacher.  He has the wackiest sense of humor, and just quietly, I think it's hilarious & really very clever of him, the way he can make things up so randomly & tell these stories so well that people don't even consider it to be untrue.  I LOVE his imagination & on the plus side his teachers are always pretty impressed with his creative writing...

He did have plans on becoming a film director or movie producer one day, and he heard there's good money to be made in acting, perhaps he's just warming up...

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  1. My 15 year old (who has Aspergers Syndrome, which might or might not explain it in his case) has always been like that and still is!

  2. Imagination is a very special thing, I don't think you have any thing to worry about.

  3. That is hysterical, Mel! Oh, foster that fabulous imagination - goodness knows where it will lead him. J x

  4. Interesting topic and very hard to have an opinion on. I always doubt as a parent and teacher, where to draw a line: it is sensitive... no one wants to suffocate creativity, but also not to encourage having no trace of reality.

    Imagination sure is a gift and needs to be cherished. Just keep close look on him, I believe he will outgrow it and keep that special way of seeing and making things more special: just like a film director

  5. Creativity is the heartbeat of a good life. He will be fine (and very interesting!)

    There's my pendant on your post! Yes, I continue to be complimented wherever I go when I wear your bag tags as an accessory... x


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