Thursday, May 26, 2011

my creative space..

I started this last night, a simple perfectly everday scarf, I'm loving it so far but I've run out of wool... 
I imagined it being  wider, but I'm thinking I'll stop there and perhaps add a pom pom type edge to the ends...

Pop on over here for loads more creative places, you'll love it!

edit #1: hold the pompoms, it seems this scarf was destined for another...

edit #2 : I'm doing the rounds of all you wonderfully creative friends & loving what I see, however Blogger is not allowing me to comment...


  1. Wow your fast!!! It looks fantastic... love the colour! I need one like that :)

  2. So gorgeous and warm!!
    I've just made a navy one for the little one, to go with her school uniform - added some purple onto the ends tho - she loves purple!x

  3. Pompoms would be spectacular..Naturally Carol xox

  4. That's lovely! And having it pinched by another member of your family is the best form of compliment!!

  5. Ooh, loving it, Mel! You crafty girl. Yes, blue would be my choice, too. J x

  6. You have the best boys in the world that looks so lovely and warm!
    Blogger has been such a pain lately!


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