Monday, May 23, 2011


so grateful this weekend for some time at Mum & Dad's place.  It's such a beautiful piece of this earth, I good long walk over the hills & down the gully is always like food for the soul.  A trip down memory lane every time & the chance to share it with our boys & to see how much they love it is so precious.

I often wish my parents would sell up & move down closer to us, but then I go home & I realise that if they did, we wouldn't have this, and I can't imagine life without this land, a whole other world for our boys to explore & enjoy...
heaven on earth...

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  1. What a glorious place for a walk, Mel. Closer to you is good, closer to paradise is even better! x

  2. Oh wow, just lovely & ditto, had the same kind of family outdoorsy weekend, bliss. Children in their natural habitat, nothing beats it, love Posie

  3. Your one of the best Mom's along with your better half what a team you make! theres only 2 days left at school, I can't believe we made it through kindergarten and our first year of high school! next 3 months off for fun and lots of yard sales.
    this will be the biggest summer for change we will not be at the lodge Phil was blessed with a great job and my parents have not spoken to us since Easter. there your the first I have told it just makes me sad, how can they hates us forever, sad isn't it! thats why I changed the blog my sister and brother are not talking to us either so I decided to try and go private! I better go before I write a book!

  4. It truly is beautiful there Mel. Definitely something to be grateful for. How lucky you all are. x

  5. Blimey. Blogger keeps eating my comments...

    I so miss my childhood home where every creak, draught and nook was as familiar as my hand. Lucky, lucky lady...

  6. What a gorgeous spot and how wonderful that your boys are able to be connected with it!

  7. Your parents live in beautiful surroundings, how nice to be able to visit and explore all the places you did as a kids with your own children.


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