Saturday, May 28, 2011

grateful for a shared love of thrifting...

so the little guy and I were catching up over coffee & a hot chocolate yesterday & he suggests he needs another spiderman figure to go with the other spiderman figures, "we should go op-shopping" he says, and you all know I don't need to be asked twice... 
wonderful things to be found!

I love that he shares my passion for thrifting, and I love that he naturally thinks second hand before buying new.  It really is our favourite pass time...

Join in on Maxabella's grateful post over here...

...argh! Blogger still throwing me out everytime I try to comment, anyone else having this trouble?


  1. I'm glad you have fun with that. I never find anything great, mind you have never looked hard enough!

  2. Try unticking the 'keep me signed in' box when you sign into blogger. It worked for me.
    So good that your little man is such a great negotiator too.

  3. My kids love visiting the charity shops too! We call it treasure hunting!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  4. Fantastic finds. I have been trawling for a scale like that. Lucky xx

  5. Hooray for kids who like op shopping. My little Mr thinks anywhere that sells toys is great, so op shops work for us too!

  6. That is super cute!
    I hope he found the treasures he was looking for.
    And occasionally I have to press comment twice but other than that I think my comments have been ok.

  7. the scales are awesome. I think it sounds like a great hobby to share with your little guy. Did he find his Spiderman?

    I am having the same trouble with commenting today btw...So frustrating!!


  8. I am absolutely having that trouble lately (but not right now!).

    The Byron Life is going to help me out with a post on this very topic soon because whenever I go op-shopping I always come home with absolutely nothing. I just see Grandma stuff everywhere, and not the cool Grandma stuff, either. x

  9. Your found some gorgeous treasures, Mel. That thermos is sold in a big mall here, called Loods 5, Actually I had one of these lovelies in my hands last week but I could resist it. Perhaps I must go back to the store and pop one into my cart !
    Have a happy weekend o xx o

  10. I love thrifting too, I sometimes feel like the crazy woman digging through boxes....but I love the hunt!

    Blogger has been giving me the poops this week too......I'm surprised it let me make this comment!

  11. My children are as passionate about op shopping as I am :)
    Love your finds!

    I was having trouble commenting last week too.

  12. What a great family tradition you are both starting! Lovely looking finds!

  13. Ah, my big girl loves opping just as much as I do, it's a great thing to be able to share. :)

  14. So sweet! He's one smart boy ;-)

    I love that my hubby, daghter and I all love op-shopping. One of our fav ways to spend a saturday morning is browsing our fav op-shops followed by brunch in our fav cafe.


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