Monday, April 18, 2011

it's been ages...

school holidays are in full swing, hubby's on holidays too so we've been gardening, cleaning, tidying up & getting ready for our long awaited paella party that, as it turned out, didn't happen.  Hubby did 'something' to his ankle, we're still awaiting news on the extent of damage there, so now we have a very orderly house FULL of food and nothing much to do but sit back & enjoy it, nice!
I've been having fun with thrifted platters, turning them into fancy blackboards..
The big boy spent the last week with Nan & Pop, always a favourite place for him to while away the days..

The other two have been busily building the biggest lego kingdom ever, staying in pyjamas till lunchtime, having light saber duels, playing in the yard, fighting a little but they can't stay mad at each other for long, and just hanging about enjoying some down time..

We've no grand plans for the rest of the week, which I'm quite happy with, though I do have some orders to finish off before Easter that I must get busy on.  It's funny how the routine & rhythm of everyday just fly out the window when the Mr is home! 

I hope it's a wonderful week for you all! X


  1. Ah, there you are, Mel! I'm glad you've been so busy doing such great stuff. The platters are terrific. Always up to something unique, you are. x

  2. Those platters are great Mel!
    Hope you guys have a restful week.x

  3. Love those chalkboard platters..fab idea.
    We're about to head into our first week of holidays and plan to do not much more than just chill and catch up with friends.
    Enjoy your week :)

  4. I have missed you..but i can see that you've been very busy and somewhat preoccupied with all your family at home. I hope mr loved is not too badly injured and will be ok by the end of his holiday! The blackboard platters are are full of unique ideas.

  5. This is such a great idea! I often see intricately designed platters at op shops & wonder what to make of them. Thaks for sharing!

  6. Awesome, no plans for me either, loving school holidays with my husband too, how lucky are we?? Lego, is just breeds doesn't it?? Cool idea with the black board paint, brilliant. As for ankles, my husband had a reconstruction, man it was painful, good luck. Love Posie

  7. Welcome back, glad your enjoying the holidays. The chalkboard platters are such a clever idea, well done. Hope the ankle isn't too badly damaged. Have a lovely Easter.

  8. Oh, I love your tray/chalkboards, how clever!
    I hope you are enjoying your week!

  9. Hej Mel

    You have made me SMILE!
    Lovely to see a post from you my friend ;-)
    Glad to hear you have been busy and can't have all work and no play.
    Sorry to hear about your hubby, I speak from experience ankles are my weakness being flat footed arghh...soo painful & take soo long to heal, hope he makes a speedy and good recovery.
    I am LOVING these platters...
    Mega inspiration here for me ;-D
    These platters are soo plentiful and two a penny here in Swedish loppis...You have given me an idea...:-D
    Can you just paint straight onto the metal with the blackboard paint?
    Have a Blessed Easter my lovely

  10. Those platters are great Mel. What about putting them up on a wall perhaps near the kitchen? I think they'd look fab.

  11. How ace are those platters!
    Such a great idea.
    Hope the rest of the holidays are as fun at yours.

  12. What a fabulous idea...I might have to try this! hang it on the wall. You will have to sign up for my giveaway if you want...
    My kids only have 4 weeks left of school and then off for almost 3 months....oh my!
    Must start preparing myself in tears last Fall over sending her off and now it's so quiet..hehe. I'm so ready for a little fun and warm weather.
    Have a blessed Easter with your family!

  13. totally cool platters.

    and a week with no plans sounds like magic to me. xo


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