Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a few random thoughts...

how quickly the weekends fly by...

it's nice to be greeted bright & early in the morning by a very  handsome & cheerful tradie arriving to put up the scafold..

work on the roof begins.  Our 6yr old says, obviously impressed by the enormity of the scaffolding, how great our house is going to look when they are finished, when sadly we won't even know anything has been done to look at it, but at least we won't flood anymore..

interesting how the white towels are always the ones to be taken to clean up after a triathlon..

how sweet it is to be told by the little guy countless times in a day 'I love you' with kisses all the way up my arm & down again, and that I am the best mum ever because I do a u turn and say 'weeee' as I go..

funny little emails from gorgeous friends that I don't see nearly enough of, looking forward to catching up in the holidays..

wishing my mum and dad lived closer so they could be a part of the random everyday life, it's been way too long since we've seen them..
now time to get on with the day.  I have stock to deliver, opshop treasure calling to me from the boot of my car waiting for my attention, and a mountain of washing that may never dry in this humidity...


  1. Random posts are my very favourite kind. I'm also lucky to have a three year old tell me countless times how much she loves me but instead of kisses up and down my arm, she sticks her face in the crook of my neck and INHALES. FOR MINUTES AT A TIME. Yes, it does tickle...

    Have a lovely day Chook.

  2. Nothing like a little random...
    Good stuff!

  3. You are such a sweetheart...I got to school today and my littlest had wet her pants...poor little thing!

  4. your words about wishing your mom and dad lived closer to experience all the randomness really hits home for me. it is hard isn't it? xx.


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