Saturday, March 19, 2011


grateful today for discovering a wonderful stash of this gorgeous bamboo and creating something new!
but most of all, for having our big boy home right here in the nest where he belongs.  He had a great time on camp, and came home surprisingly chatty and adorable, aside from the fact that he was still in the same undies he left home in 3 days ago (a not so pleasant discovery)! 
He says he was thinking he'd save me some washing if he just wore the same gear each day, which was really very considerate, if only it weren't for the smashed tub of yogurt and squashed pear that has been in the bottom of his bag since Wednesday (a completely putrid discovery)!

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  1. Hej Mel

    OOOH the crochet scarf is wonderful...
    Love the subtle colour.
    Awwww isn't wonderful to have all your brood together...
    Bless him, YUK to the bag n squashed mess, been there done that got the t-shirt lol!
    LOVE PEACE enJOY your son (s)

  2. They are full of surprises....boys!
    granted the almost 16 yearold smells but now the 11 1/2 yearold is starting to smell.
    My sister-n-law teased me this day would's here! thank God for water and soap!
    I miss the little years oh how they grow to quickly!

  3. Ahh...boys! How lovely to have him home from his adventures, all safe and sound and full of news. Hope you all have the best weekend, it's lovely and sunny here, hope you get some too xo

  4. Just got my high schooler home from camp too, she could not stop talking for the 20 minute trip home from school (i loved every word) & then snuggled up next to me (she had showered & somehow with a beach trip, managed to use 5 pairs of knickers in 3 days, that's girls for you!!) Ah, soon enough my twins will be off on year 4 camp, they all LOVE camp, it's gorgeous, although high school is a tad more Bear Grylls, raft building, serious hiking & proper tent camping. Love Posie

  5. A squashed pear with yoghurt and a stinky pair of undies... sounds like a perfect time away at camp!! x

  6. Yep my big boy has been known to do the same thing!!
    Love your scarf, it's a gorgeous shade of grey.

  7. gosh what a lovely thought to try and save you washing! ha :) the scarf is lovely. and how wonderful to discover a new blog just for being grateful! :) x

  8. Sadly you're not alone! Although my son had a bag full of fresh clothes on his 4 day excursion last year, he wore the same set of clothes the entire must be a boy thing because almost all the boys did the same thing! They too said they were trying to save on the washing!

  9. thats a lovely shade for the scarf.
    I am so happy that he came back willing to share all his news. Somehow I was thinking how disappointed I'd feel if my son didn't want to talk about his trip and hoping your son would come back in a chatty mood :)

  10. You're whipping up some lovely things at the moment! I'm glad your little fella had a great time away, just like a boy to not change his undies,
    out of respect for your workload...bless! x

  11. lovely scarf, such a wonderful colour.


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