Thursday, February 17, 2011

my creative space..

...or not so much...
It seems creating has taken a backseat to the busyness of everyday life this week. I've had an overwhelming urge to get things done around here, tidy up loose ends, clean out closets, tackle the mending pile, even bake, lots of baking infact...
I feel a little bit like June Cleaver, perhaps without the calm & poise, and maybe with a lot more yelling at children with conveniently selective hearing.  I must say, it's a nice feeling to be organised, at least for now...
I found this gorgeous bamboo on a clearout table at one of my favourite little stores.  It's so lovely and soft and drapey, it'll be beautiful to wear though it's shocking to work with.  Due to the flatness of the yarn it tends to twist as I'm working so the constant stopping & unwinding is very time consuming.  Now I'm only halfway through and the roll has just about finished.  I'm not sure if I should buy another to continue or undo it and try something else...

For more productive creating than you've found here today, head on over to Kootoyoo...


  1. We all have weeks like this - and yep, I call baking creative!! :-)

  2. I love June Cleaver.....but you top her , great Mom and savy business woman!!

  3. Thats a tough decision with the bamboo.
    It looks lovely and soft!

    Your shot of that delicious baking is making me want to bake now - just when I don't have an oven!XX

  4. I want to bake after seeing your loaf :)

    I have not been creating much of late many other things requiring my attention.

  5. Good for you, mending pile has grown awfully large, and I just can't bring myself to tackle it!

  6. lovely bamboo - looks nice and soft! I would have run out of patience by now. Yep - loaf looks delicious

  7. Baking absolutely falls into the 'creative' criteria!

    You are far more patient than I - I can never do the 'untwisty' thing. x

  8. Since when is baking not creative! That looks de-liiiish by the way. Are they big bits of chocolatey goodness peeking through? Let me know when you've boiled the kettle and I'll be over!

  9. We do all have weeks like that where we just want to get the house in order. I'll probably need to have at least a week like that when I go home. Your baking looks wonderful and it would be such a shame to undo all your work if you can get more to finish it.


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