Sunday, January 16, 2011


it's difficult not be grateful for all that we have after this weeks events in queensland...
grateful for wonderfully generous people,
extraordinary communities & the power of the human spirit...

Grateful also for silly things we do that create wonderful family memories..and my new thrifted umberella! We made a mad dash to save our fruit that was being destroyed by this weeks rain, all running about in our jammies picking as many apricots & nectarines as we could, though tearing through puddles on bikes & scooters was way more fun...

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  1. I can just see you all out there at the fruit trees. Like taking washing in off the line before the rain comes, only infinitely more sweeter!

    Thanks for linking up today. x

  2. Hello, I was wondering who this was popping up in my google reader this morning!!
    I love the image of you all running around in your pjs saving your precious fruit...sounds like you probably made a lot of memories with that one too :-)

  3. I've just been grabbing the clothes and sheets in from the line each time it rains! No fruit for us to pick sadly. But it seems my laundry can be counted on to attract the grey clouds.

    I'm grateful to my dear husband, who is out in Brisbane cleaning up again today. He was so moved by what he saw yesterday and could not wait to go and help out again today.


  4. You'll have your work cut out for you sorting all that fruit out now it's all picked! Glad you manage to salvage it. Hope you aren't being affected by the Victorian flooding too much. We got back from Brizzy a week ago, just before the proverbial hit the fan. Just awful. Stay well and good luck sorting out all that fruit!

  5. Ohhh, i am so in love with fancy gum boots. I bought a pair that were faux Burberry print when we moved to Canberra, lasted 3 years, even handy in snow. I am treating myself to some pretty ones this year, i think Laura Ashley maybe?? Dog walking in wet Winters, i want to look my best, love Posie

  6. i was just thinking what Maxabella said!
    love the pic & the name change, saw you changed on your FB update but have been a little slack in commenting.

    grateful also for human spirit & the blog community.

    happy week to you Mel ♥

  7. Beautiful pic, love the gumboots. Hope you have been able to put all the fruit to good use.


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