Monday, July 19, 2010

at my house...

It's been a nice few days pottering about at home, trying to have a bit of quiet time after the 1st week back for term 3 & all the busyness that comes with that.  Here's a quick stair update...
Feeling good!  Isn't it amazing how well you can feel in just a few days. 
thanks to the big boy for the action shot..glad he wasn't aiming any higher!
So far I've been at it every day, just before the boys' bedtime.  I couldn't miss a day if I tried, with little voices reminding me.. "Have you done your exercise yet Mum?".. in the hope that it buys them a few extra minutes of staying up...
and then, not so good for the thighs...
baking scones for morning tea...
and pancakes!!
and while Hubby makes lamb shanks for dinner...
 playing trains...
and learning to ride on two wheels...

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  1. Good for you keeping up with your stairs!! I often think that instead of putting a calorie count on food packets, they should put an exercise count - so for example (1 scone = 100 stairs)!!

  2. Well done Stair Lady! How many flights of stairs makes up for a pikelet?

  3. yay, you go girl! I was thinking the same as Tania.

  4. Wow, it is all happening at your house! I don't think we would like to know how many stairs for a pikelet. Just enjoy the pikelet and remember exercise is great no matter what! Such a good idea to find an exercise place in your own house.

    Thanks for joining in again this week. Lou.

  5. Well done on the stairs workouts. It's a great idea. Maybe I should follow your lead as we too have stairs.

  6. your hubby makes dinner...sigh.

  7. you are so busy Mel! what fun it is teaching to ride on 2 wheels. we are lucky only Ella took 20 millions of pushes up the street. the boys just got on and did it.
    and now you have me wanting scones. yum yum yum!


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