Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It is absolutely, bitterly freezing!!  I've made a yummy roasted tomato & capsicum soup to warm us up tonight.  This is just what I love about the cooler weather, all these delicious soups so full & hearty that you can serve them up on their own as a main meal...

This is so good with a dollop of mascarpone, some roasted pistachio & a crusty bread...mmmm, can't wait!


  1. mmmmmmm that looks sooooooo good!!

  2. So your going into cooler weather this may sound silly because we are going into summer and soon we will have over 22hours of daylight a day. Its nice because our winters are dark and long....
    sorry I rambled on, Your soup looks so good!!

  3. Soup is the best in the winter isn't it? Our Favourite is Chicken and Veg cooked slowly on the combustion stove with a loaf of fresh baked bread. It was -3 here overnight so I agree it is getting COLD!


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