Tuesday, May 11, 2010

giving thrifted pieces new life...

So now that the gift has been given, this is what I was working on last week...
a full length apron for my lovely mum.
I was going to add a pocket using some vintage floral, but decided less is more on this one...

and my little something for me...
a nana apron!

I'm quite happy with how they turned out & I love that they are made from thrifted bits & pieces. My inspiration for the nana apron is the delightful dottie angel.  I'm a great fan of Tif's gorgeous work, but despite my efforts, I have never made it to her shop before she has sold out of all her lovely wares, and so I made a little version of my own...I must say I did feel quite the homemaker wearing it while cooking dinner last night.  My dear Nan would always wear the half apron, I think that's why  I love them so much...

...and another stool makeover. 
I couldn't go past this one either, it's almost identical to one I found a little while ago.  A nearby op shop has just received a truckload of fabric remnants, so of course I bought myself a few of those & put one to good use on the stool.  I just need to even out the gathers & I think it'll be nice in the bedroom... 


  1. Beautiful Aprons...I can't believe I don't have one. You have a knack with those stool redo's very cool!

  2. Those aprons are just too gorgeous!!
    And you look just like dottie angel there!

  3. I am totally into the aprons as well. I don't know why they ever went out of style! I make a mess whatever I am doing, so an apron is a must!
    That nana apron looks just like the Dottie Angel ones. You've even stylised with the boots! Good work.
    My hubby would complain as well...just for the sheer joy of complaining. Chair on the wall, you call that decorating! You're dreamin!

  4. You are a little Dottie yourself,I love the outfit You look to cute to cook...
    Your stool is sweet, I love the little print in the fabric!

  5. LOve it all! Been a-searching for stools, with as yet NO luck!

  6. Inspired by you and Dottie. And now I will go and sort through my fabric and make my own apron.

  7. Your aprons are brilliant! Love the fabric combos! And loving your stool too. Hope you have a brilliant week :)

  8. Love both your aprons.the second picture is especially very cute!The stool makeover is very nice too.

  9. I love both your aprons , I'm sure your mum just loved it !

  10. Great Job with the aprons!!Loved both of them.Your Mom will be very thrilled.The stool looks great too.


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