Tuesday, April 20, 2010


When my little Preppie came in this morning, cool as a cucumber, and sat up for breakfast dressed like this...

we had to laugh, even the collar is turned up!
'Fancy huh!?' he says to us.
If this is how he likes to modify the school uniform in Prep, I'm a little concerned for the years ahead...


  1. Hahah cute! Look out ladies hehehe! Hair accessories were the cool way to modify a uniform when I was at primary school... the rules about skirt and sock length were quite strict, so we had to get creative with pretty hair bobbles and... oh yes... SCRUNCHIES! :)

  2. He he he, i like a child taking a spin on their uniform. My middle girl asked me a couple of years back how she could make her uniform look more French?? Um, well she started wearing a beret. Love their style, love Posie


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