Friday, April 30, 2010

oh my goodness!!

I was so excited to hear that I won the bloggy/birthday giveaway over at 'from little things...', and then when it arrived this morning I actually screamed when I opened the parcel and saw all the gorgeous goodies inside!  What an incredibly generous giveaway, thank you so very much, Mel, everything in here is absolutely perfect & that card, oh well that is just going straight to the pool room (well, we don't actually have a pool room so onto my inspiration/keepsakes board it goes...) - love it!!

this beautiful card with the loveliest message inside...

all this goodness...
the softies book has the most amazing projects,  I can't believe my luck & I can't wait to put all of this to great use!


  1. What a treat! Enjoy exploring your goodies this weekend! xo m.

  2. How fabulous! Have fun with all the little treats.

  3. I would have screamed too...then I would have done a big happy dance!

  4. Looks awesome! That Mel sure knows how to throw a giveaway! :)

  5. Oh well *blush* you deserve it! Enjoy!


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