Monday, February 15, 2010

Something delicious...

Hubby had a well earned day off today.  It was planned in advance as a 'recovery' day after an action packed weekend...the ACDC concert on Saturday with a couple of great friends, followed by a triathlon on Sunday - ridiculous, I know, not such great planning here,  but he managed to pull it off with great ease & composure.  So here's how he spent his day....after a fairly easy morning and a lovely lunch out...
this, turned into...
several jars of this delicious pesto!
And then he whipped up the most fabulous Rogan Josh ever...
Yes, I have been blessed.  Thankyou precious husband!


  1. Oh now i really miss my husband, he's super fit & cooks too. Great pesto, we have plenty of basil too. Oh nice story for you - a friend of mine used to work in a cafe & was asked once why the pesto was green?? Um, der, basil?? Some people are idiots. Love Posie

  2. Can he pop over tonight and cook dinner for me??????????

  3. Your pesto looks AMAZING!!! For some very strange reason we completely forgot to plant basil this year. Usually around this time of the year we have marathon pesto making sessions but not this year. Hmmmm not happy about that one. XX

  4. yummy looking! I've been enjoying some pesto pasta too lately. This is the first year I've been able to make my own from homegrown basil and it is just too good.


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