Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Door Handle Bouquet

I picked up these door handles to put on the little cabinet I found last week.  I love that they are all different, I can't wait to put them on.  I just need to drill some holes & I haven't used a drill before so that could be a little dangerous, although I am pretty handy with a hedger!


  1. Those door handles are gorgeous!! Good luck with the drill. it really isn't difficult. Well done on the hedge too.

  2. Great hedge work! I love the little handles, especially the blue & white one, so cute! xo

  3. I used to have drawer handles like that, lovely lovely!! Great hedge work - my husband did ours before he went away & gave the front hedge a massive trim & after the rain & heat of Summer, they are out of control already in just 7 weeks!! I might mow the lawns but i'm not about to chop my head off with a massive trimmer. Love Posie


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