Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First Day Excitement!

My little dark haired boys' first day of school today, and he was busting to get there and get started!  No tears, just 'filled to the brim' excited.  All went smoothly, a little too smoothly for me.  I felt a bit guilty that I hadn't shed a tear, but I think I am just so happy for him & he is so ready to move on to this stage of his little life.  He has grown up very quickly, I don't know where all those gorgeous, happy bouncing baby years have gone but I'm pretty sure I've made the most of our precious time and I do believe he is well prepared and ready to take on the world of primary school.  
Of course, he seriously underestimated the enormity of the day, so when he came home he was exhausted, emotional, short tempered & very disappointed that there wasn't quite as much play time as he had expected.  "We only got to do a few things and then we had to sit on the mat and learn!".  Oh-oh, let's hope we're more impressed tomorrow...


  1. Happy first day of school, exciting for everyone!! Love Posie

  2. It's just such a great big GIANT step (almost as big as going to the moon). Hope he learns some seriously cool stuff today...


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