Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Rainy Day...

Well after a hot morning and a flutter through the op shops, my little guy and I came home to 'get things done'!  However, highly uninspired by all the things that need doing & overcome with the aroma of ripening bananas filling the kitchen, it rained so we baked!
This is my absolute favourite cook book!  Admittedly, I bought it because I adore the cover, but I love, love, love every recipe inside!  It's like a joyous memoir of childhood, family, friends and good wholsome food...

Of course it's compulsory to call on the big guns for cleaning up! 


  1. oh yummo, looks delicious! that cooking bug seems to have left my house for a while. must get back on track!!

  2. I've been looking at that book for ages but haven't bought it because I thought I just wanted it for the cover. Now thanks to you, I think I might be allowed. Your cleaner uperer looks like a great help. X

  3. YES! Couldn't agree with you more! Her Cranberry and Chocolate biscuits are a weekly bake around here (could explain my backside), and the chicken escalopes with lemon and butter with the potatoes on the facing page (p. 232-233) is ordered from by the smalls (and the Mr) every week - have you tried that? Delish! It's just also a lovely read isn't it? Having said all that I still rate Molly Wizenberg's banana bread from "A homemade life" as the best of the best in the banana bread stakes ;)

  4. Oh i was always allowed to lick the beaters & spatulas growing up, my husband was not. So i insist our children do too, i even dunk the utensils back in for extra so all 4 get a decent lick. Love Posie

  5. I agree wit Posie- they need to be allowed to lick- its the best bit! Also the cover of that bok is so gorgeous!! I can see why you bought it, i never cook but would be tempted because of the cover!! I love it.


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