Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Little Inspiration

We went past the Op-shop today & of course were drawn in for a good 40 minutes of browsing, when we came across this little gem.  Perfect for my little school starter, and he loves it!  I'd never have thought it possible, but he's even more excited about going to school now!
And something about this...
and this...
has really inspired me...I'll keep you posted...


  1. Oh what a shame we missed each other! I do love Barwon Heads. Ace desk - you live in the best place for op shops. The canvases are up by the way and they look great!

  2. That desk is awesome!! I would be excited too if I had a cool little desk like that. Great find!

  3. Atlas desk! Oh I had one of those and I loved it so much! My sister loved it too. The poor used and abused desk is 18 years old

  4. Oh, how I do love the atlas desk. I wouldn't mind one of those myself. Great find! Melinda xo

  5. very cool desk!

    I was wondering if you sell your cuddle cushions or art online? I wanted to link to it in my blog!

  6. a world map is so perfect for his little desk top ....i used to have a huge map of the world in russian on my bedroom wall when i was a kid...i wish i still had it....
    thanks for your lovely kind comment on mine.....


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