Tuesday, December 1, 2009

That's the Spirit...

So much to do, so little time!  It's always the way at this time of year, isn't it?!  No matter how organised I try to be, I am always flat out in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  It's fun though, I have to admit.  It all adds to that Christmas feel, the spirit in the air....the parties, the hustle & bustle of shopping, the winding up of kids, the winding down of school, the concerts, catching up with neighbours, trying to tie up all the loose ends before the new year, ensuring the back fridge is full of all those lovely goodies like champers, beer, softies & other delicious favourites...I do love it!

And so for now, back to work...with Christmas fast approaching & that spirit in the air...

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  1. It is a busy time and it's good you are enjoying it and not get stressed. I like your little elephant, how cute! Thanks so much for your lovely comments recently, I've been enjoying reading them and also checking out your blog! xo


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