Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's beginning to look nothing like Christmas...

Well, the week started off great, though I must have jinxed it by feeling way too relaxed, enjoying my children playing blissfully in the backyard, and absorbing the excitement that is the week leading up to the big day.
Here we are, day before Christmas Eve and I have had three very sick children.  Some manky virus has struck them down and completely turned our heavenly home into a germ ridden, child screaming, sleep deprived nightmare!  I've hired as many Christmas movies as I can to cling onto the festive spirit we had just a few days ago...but to no avail!  Cramping tummies, fevers, fetching buckets, running frantically from one to the other - chaos has prevailed!
On the bright side, all the running up & down the stairs has got to prove to be a bonus in the long run, surely, and being housebound for three days has meant avoiding all the mayhem that goes on out there at this time of year, we got to see all the pretty lights last night on the way back from the hospital which we usually miss because we're in bed before, that's not working...truth is I feel isolated, exhausted, far from festive, and worst of all, I think the bug has got me too!
Here's hoping that a Christmas miracle can be performed in this little corner of the world so that I don't have to tell my family we won't be joining them for Christmas....

Enough of my misery, I sincerely wish you all a very Happy Christmas and holiday season!  May it be filled to the brim with joy, love, gorgeous food, wine & all those delightful things, and great fun with family and treasured friends  xxx


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