Wednesday, November 11, 2009

::My Place & Yours :: Secret Weapon

The theme for My Place & Yours this week is your Secret Weapon.  I wasn't sure I'd play this time around as a couldn't for the life of me think of a solitary thing worthy of sharing, other than perhaps the essential rouge on the cheeks every day ( it's the only makeup I ever wear & I never leave home without it!) but that seemed a little dull.  After telling this to my hubby last night he said I had to be kidding! He said that surely my secret weapon is my incredible ability to have an idea, plant the seed and sit patiently while this idea very slowly comes to life, when 6 months later my husband miraculously has the very same idea!  I guess this is a bit of a weapon, although it does sound a bit sinister, and it  is obviously not a secret if he knows about it! How fascinating that he still succumbs....

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  1. sounds like that husband of yours is a secret weapon too!
    thanks for your comment on mine and No i'm never going to paint it!


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