Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Blog HQ

Hello! This is my blog HQ & one of the most used spaces in our house. It used to be a bit of a 'nothing' space in our main living room just under the stairs.  We'd end up throwing toys & bits and pieces there at the end of the day until we eventually decided it would make the perfect home office - and voila! It's hard to believe, but we had been without a home computer for 8yrs! So, it was very exciting when we finally invested in one.  We wanted to be sure it was in a practical place where it could be utilised by all of us.  Our eight yr old spends a fair bit of time writing stories here,  our 5yr old loves to draw & create masterpieces here & our 3 yr old...well he really just likes to annoy anyone who is busy here! I actually love this spot. It's light and close to all the action, so I can still see what little monkey's are up to at any given time!
Where do you blog? Join in here..


  1. i love under the steps spaces - what a good little nook you have here. you have very organized shelves back there! wow! i like the look of the tins. have a nice day! :)

  2. I love the look of this little nook, right in the middle of the action but also tucked away all at the same time - just beautiful!!


  3. Great little nook!!! Gotta love a good nook ...

  4. lovely spot!! i wish i had stairs.. ah the possibilities..

  5. Over from FMS. You space is just so visually pretty and useful. Like you I need lots of light as well.


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