Friday, October 30, 2009

My Place & Yours : Bedside...

How much fun is a meme! I saw this on Meet Me at Mikes blogspot & I just had to play so here is my contribution to My Place & Yours...My bedside.  An old stool serving as a bedside table - have been meaning to give it a paint but I've decided I like it's rustic charm, A few books my husband and I are taking in turns reading. A pile of ribbon, fabric & buttons my son tipped out of my sewing box, apparently rolling Buzz Lightyear down the stairs is a better use of the box! And a framed drawing waiting to be put up...

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  1. hi, thanks for commenting on my post! i was excited because you are the first 'stranger' to ever comment on my blog. . . we new bloggers have to keep the comments going otherwise we feel we are posting into thin air don't we! i like your nursery pictures, they are very sweet and special :) i also like your little table and pile of ribbons. . .we also have scraps of fabric lying about the house


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