Thursday, April 9, 2020

Filling her cup...

She's been glued to my side this last week.  Constantly chatting, constantly needing me, constantly telling me how much she loves me and writing sweet notes of affection.  It's lovely, it is.  And I don't want this to come across badly, but my god, it is exhausting! Being her one and only, all day, every day.  I've been noticing a gradual change in her behaviour, especially the last few days, and the boys have not been terribly patient with her.  Nick and the big boy are still working, and while the other two spend a lot of their days online with friends (screen time has been very relaxed these holidays because, well...) she hasn't had any social contact in four whole weeks, and it's taking its toll.  

Last night, she was feeling so sad. She told me that she is lonely, and that she misses her brothers. Not her friends, her brothers. Who live here! Well, this just broke my heart. I had a chat to them after she was tucked into bed, and I think it broke their heart too. So they've agreed to do their best to be a bit more tolerant, to make some time and to fill her cup.

This morning the little guy joined her in some pom pom making inspired by this Instagram post and she has not stopped smiling. They've also played jenga, soccer, hide and seek and now they're watching a movie. He might be cramming, going too hard too soon, but she is loving every minute! Just quietly, I'm pretty sure he is too.

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