Tuesday, July 5, 2016

june portraits..

after a visit to the op-shop with nana, these wings have barely come off her back 
"I have beautiful wings!" she sings and flies about the house whispering "flitter flutter flitter flutter" as she goes

tap shoes, every single day

the week she moved into a 'big girl' bed

she's a story teller, just like her biggest brother whose teachers would call us to 'clarify a few things' ever now and then.  At least this time we'll be a little more prepared

June, another month of capturing this little girls ever growing personality.

She has us in fits of laughter and cringing with frustration all at once.  She's assertive and feisty, shy and gentle.  A mixed bag of never ending surprises.  

She suddenly seems so grown up and I wonder if not having enrolled her into three year old kinder this year was a such a good thing.  I worry she might find it harder next year when she starts four year old kinder.  How will she cope with the structure, with so many other personalities and new experiences.  But then I look, and I see she's just a baby.   I feel assured there's plenty of time for all those things.  At least I hope so.  

More portraits here..


  1. Oh what a fabulous set of portraits - especially the tap shoes!

  2. She's growing up so fast! Gorgeous girl. x

  3. Oh my God she really has gotten so big!! And yet still so tiny! My Facebook page keeps showing me my "memories" and pictures of when my boys were younger and so little and adorable but at the time I looked at them as so big cos they were bigger than they used to be, now I realise how little they were and always tell my fiends with little kids not to focus on how much bigger they are than they were but how tiny they still are :-) Your tiny girl is just gorgeous :-)


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