Wednesday, March 4, 2015

autumn 2015..

Autumn has arrived, and so has the extra long scarf!

I'm so excited about this beautiful piece, super long and perfectly chunky, it's the only thing that has me longing for the weather to cool.

Gorgeous tones, inspired by our seaside wanders and the treasures we find along the way.  There's something quite magical about the making when your inspiration comes from such beauty.  I get all warm and fluttery inside.

Are you making?  It's that time of year I think, time to settle in with an inspiring project to nurture your creative soul.

I hope your making is magical..x

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  1. Hi there! Yes you've inspired me!! I'm about to start a shell stitch blanket like yours- a throw sort of but. I've bought 10 100g balls of the finest I could afford and I was wondering how many chains I should do? Could you help me out? Thanks


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