Tuesday, February 10, 2015

the sunset series..

Another birthday, another sunset.

This time it was mine, and what a beautiful summers day mother nature gifted me.

Wandering home after dinner via the beach, armed with only my iphone.

The kids running free squeeling with delight, like it was their first time, such excitement.

Walking off way too much pizza and Italian icecream, the air was warm, the water calm and the light, perfection.

This time we were prepared for little swimmers, but this time nobody went in much past their knees.

The little girl, of course, managed to cover every inch of herself in wet sand, screaming in protest when it was time to go.

That's it for birthdays now 'til winter, I look forward to seeing those moody colours, but I dare say there will be sunset walks before then, just for the sake of sunset walks.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. What beautiful photographs too - such a spectacular looking sunset. Hope you had a brilliant birthday, xx

  2. Happy Birthday--what wonderful blessings!

  3. Happy (very belated) birthday, Mel. This is a lovely way to celebrate your gorgeous life and family. A day at the beach together. x

    PS - These photos are BEAUTIFUL, Mel. So moody. The light is perfect.


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