Monday, February 2, 2015

the sunset series..

There was a birthday, and so in keeping with our new tradition of birthday walks at sunset, this is our first.  Though the big boy, who was away when this decision was made, took some convincing.

Just like last week, it was magical. 

The air was much colder but the water was so gorgeously warm.

The colours were different and changing the whole time.

Sneaking up and tickling me seems to have become a part of this new tradition too, as has finishing up with someone being completely submerged in the glorious ocean waves.

Tiggy in the dunes, and sky high balancing.

Watching the ships and finding treasures.

Walking and talking.

But my favourite of all, the tightest of hugs and a ''thank you for this mum" from my little guy, and my heart is as full as it could possibly be.


  1. Beautiful, sometimes I feel like I'm living my seaside alternative life vicariously through your photos and words. We are most definitely forest people but you make me yearn for the other too. I love everything about this post. I hope you guys have such a happy new school year. xx

  2. Sunset on the beach must be about my most favourite place and time ever.


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