Friday, January 30, 2015


wet kisses
tight hugs
your love for shoes!
high fives and knuckles
dolls and teddies, anything to wrap in a blanket and put to bed
loving 'cool kids' and 'shake it off - hmmhmm'
soft curls growing longer
dancing in mama's arms
rolling in the sand
saying 'gwesh you!' when we sneeze or cough
long strides with such attitude
and your bouncy walk you're happy
whispering the lyrics to 'lovin' you', I die
food, all kinds!
you love to put on a show
loving the big kids, bossing the little kids
tantrums to protest but never for long, you're a push over when a hug is offered
'its too big!!' when you don't want to wear something
drawing..on everything in sight, you're lethal with a texta
you nuzzle into just the right spot, just so, and you breath me in
that cackling laugh
gikkle gikkle (tickle, tickle)
you're both boisterous and delicate
you are so busy
and you are mischief

..our Vivi, this is you at two. 

Our love for you is immeasurable! We adore everything you do and say, even when you're being annoying or cheeky or getting up to no good, you entertain us endlessly.  I wish I could capture your every move, and every sweet sound, you are pure joy every hour, every day.

Happy 2nd Birthday to you darling girl x  


  1. TWO already!!! That has flown! Happy birthday to your gorgeous little girl!

  2. Awww! I could just cry! (in fact, I did just yesterday remembering all the things I missed our little one doing now that the birthday numbers are getting higher! =( but, still a joy!)

  3. I cannot believe I didn't know her name was Vivi til now.
    That's my Mum's name.
    Wishing you and your sweet family the happiest of celebrations of your gorgeous girl.


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