Tuesday, July 1, 2014

the everyday..foundations

Sometimes I just need to take a jumbled patchwork of thoughts and emotions out of my head and write them down..and share some random snaps of our everyday that I recently rediscovered while I'm at it..

Most of the time we live our days on auto pilot.  We have routines and commitments, we feed, bathe and clothe our children.  We chat, cuddle, fight and love.  We live with contentment and certainty, we work hard, we sleep when day becomes night, and we get up to do it all again.

Then, occasionally, the simplest of moments stops me in my tracks.  As I walk past my boys and kiss each of them on the back of their necks while they sit at the kitchen bench eating breakfast, and suddenly all that we are to them flashes before me and it grounds me, reminding me to stop and be right there in that moment.  Because its that moment right there, that simple act of affection, that is their foundation.  

Its where their sense of belonging stems, where their self belief is assured, where they can be themselves at their most vulnerable and where their dreams are nurtured and encouraged.

Its these moments that overwhelm me with their enormity, all the while comforting my heart and soul, and I stop and be grateful..and the day goes on.


  1. Oh yes! So true. Most days I'm just caught up in the feed, clean, wash, dress cycle . . . we need these moments of taking stock.

    rachel xo

    1. ps. that first picture - heart melting!

    2. I know! It's at the kitchen bench our first day home, I remember mum running outside to take this picture through the window, I'm so glad she did.

  2. Catching up on your blog and loving all these pictures, and loving that little thought you've written here :-)

  3. Oh, Mel.. this is such a beautiful post. I absolutely understand the same old routine happening over and over. Our entire summer has been like that! It goes by so quickly and I have to remind myself to slow down and live in the present. All it takes is just a tiny moment like that to make you realize how grateful you really are - a sign from above. So happy to be catching up over here Xxx


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