Tuesday, July 15, 2014

stealing time, chasing sun and the kindness of strangers..

I'm stealing time whenever I can and I've been on a making frenzy, its just that time of year.  I'm making winter warmers for lovely people, more blankets for newborn babies and random bits and pieces upon request.

I'm chasing winter sunshine and soaking in its warmth and light as it filters through the bedroom window right into 'my' spot..not that I'm ever alone in 'my' spot, I have a pint sized very bossy shadow (who thinks its her spot) to keep me company all of the time.

And how's this for heartwarming..

Last week as I was nearing the end of a project I ran out of yarn, and wouldn't you know it, this particular line had since been discontinued.  I was cursing myself for deviating from my original pattern, about to unravel and start again. Before I did, I posted a picture on instagram to see if anyone might know of some suppliers that could still have some in stock or even if someone had leftovers in their stash.  I didn't hold my breathe, but within a couple of hours I had so many helpful responses and a wonderfully generous lady all the way over in WA had two whole balls!!  So we did a little trade. Such an incredible community, that's what I love about social media.

This is supposed to be our quiet time of year but it turns out we're busier than ever!  It's a good thing our boys are so happy at home, because there was little time for holiday outings and fortunately, they were very okay with that.  Now schools back and the work keeps rolling in. I have a growing stack of projects and not enough time to tend to them. They just sit there all piled up, catching pretty winter light.


  1. That is awesome. What a great outcome. I totally get your enthusiasm. I have been gifted vintage treasures and pieces to a set of pyrex I'm collecting. Yes it's a very neat community that's for sure.

  2. That is so wonderful Mel, such a great community!
    Your makes always look so luxurious and warm - beautiful!XXX

  3. I LOVE that!!
    The same thing happened to me a few years ago when I was nearing the end of a cardigan and BWM didn't carry the same shade of forest I was using. I posted my dilemma online and the next day a wonderful woman dropped two balls off at the farmers' market for me. Best community ever! x

  4. oh yay! i'm so glad you found someone who still had some!


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