Monday, July 21, 2014


Some makes from the last couple of weeks.

Two cowls, actually there were three but I forgot to photograph one before posting it, a beanie and gloves, and some new born baby gifting with a pompom trim.

There are still so many more requests to fill, my hands are busy busy and I'm enjoying it a lot!  Now that winter is halfway through, its a race against time.  I'm hoping I can get things done so they can be used before the season ends..

back to it..


  1. Oh I love your crochet work Mel and your colour choices of muted tones. I do adore crochet too and it's so nice to have a skill to be able to create things for others. I just started a knitted cowl which was mmm tricky to start once I mastered the art of knitting in the round, I will post pics soon. Enjoy the rest of your day and your crocheting. xx

  2. love the pompoms as decorations on a package, stellar idea.


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