Thursday, June 26, 2014

happy pants..

My lovely friend and Ocean Grove local Heather Gallagher is currently launching her new children's picture book 'Happy Pants'.

It's a story about post natal depression (PND) told through a child's eyes..

"When mummy wears her happy pants we build sandcastles, go for babycinos and have lots and lots of cuddles.  But when she comes home with baby Darcy, her happy pants stay in her wardrobe.."

It's a moving and heartfelt book that Heather hopes will help the one in seven Australian mothers who suffer from post-natal depression.  The book has been endorsed by PANDA and the Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE) and is designed to help explain the illness to children.

Heather suffered PND following the birth of both her daughters, now aged 9 and 12.  Ironically, the depression became a catalyst for her to act.  She founded a playgroup for mums with PND, Parents Overcoming Depression with Support (PODS), and went on to launch her career as a children's writer.

'With Happy Pants I wanted to let kids know that while they can't make mummy better, things will improve with time and love,' she said. 'There will come a day when Mum can put on her happy pants again!'

It's a beautiful story, and one I can relate to having suffered PND with my third baby.  The guilt you feel about your behaviour toward your older children is difficult to bare, this is a gentle way to help people feel that there is hope and they are not alone.

If you're lucky enough to live in Brisbane, you can meet Heather in person at Books@Stones shop 1/360 Logan Road, Stones Corner next Friday July 4th at 11:00am.  Go on, pop in and say hi!

Happy Pants is also available in all good bookstores now, or you can purchase it online here.


  1. I really love it when people make great, creative things out of bad experiences.
    Happy Pants looks like a great and important book.
    Hooray for Heather. x

  2. Thanks Kate and thanks Mel for your lovely words. Looking forward to sharing my book with folks up north - and yes, everyone seems to have a story to tell about PND, it touches so many. I have been humbled by the number of people who have spoken to me about their experiences after they've seen the book :)

  3. To Heather and Mel, a big thank you to you both for taking the time and effort to talk about a topic that is so important to me and so many others.


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