Friday, May 2, 2014

every day in may..

Yesterday, I started a winter blanket for Olive's bed.  It's my project for May, I'll do a little bit every day this month, and just maybe I'll have it finished before winter truly sets in.

I really shouldn't be making a start on a new blanket when this one is so far from finished, but I'm stuck on the next colour way there, and besides, that ones cotton so warmth really must take priority at this time of year.

I spotted this yarn on sale and immediately saw it as a simple shell stitch rug.  One just the right size for her cot, and just the right size to drag downstairs and snuggle on the couch with as she grows.  I'm sure I could have chosen something prettier, but I'm making the most of life before the pink obsession which everyone assures me will happen.

So I was thinking I'd join Kate in her crochet meditation, and maybe even take time out to attend some regular yoga classes.  I know it will do me good, I can actually feel my body craving some nurturing.  This doesn't happen to me often, I just don't make time for classes or walks or even good sensible nutrition when a quick packaged snack is within reach.  But right now my body is yearning a quiet mind, to stretch and to be fuelled with delicious fresh food.  Time to strike while the irons hot!


  1. I think the taking back of a little bit of time to feed ourselves and our souls is a gorgeous and important idea. Happy May beautiful Mel, I look forward to watching your blanket grow. xx

  2. Oh, lovely. I yearn for a thick wool like that.

  3. love that colour, very stylish


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