Wednesday, May 21, 2014

taking stock..

I'm re-visiting Pip's trusty list today, just because...

Making: a blanket for Olive's bed and joining in with Kate's every day in may project, almost there..

Cooking: pumpkin soup, actually its a 'very full of veggie' soup but we just call it pumpkin..

Drinking: hot water throughout the day (after my morning coffee), I just always have..

Reading: new blogs and trying to visit regular favourites more often..

Wanting: way too many things! I stopped buying magazines a few years ago because I found myself wanting so much, I think now it's happing again but with social media and so many beautiful temptations, I'm unsubscribing to emails everyday..

Looking: for a blanket or cushions to stitch all of the badges coming home from cubs to.. 

Playing: tea parties and dolls with my baby girl..

Wasting: too much time procrastinating and not just getting it done!

Sewing: cub scout badges onto my boys shirts, in the wrong place and re-doing urgh..

Wishing: my mum and dad lived closer, I wish they could see the incidental everyday stuff as these kids grow   

Enjoying: this glorious sunshiny autumn we are having lately, I don't want it to end..

Waiting: for work to slow down, its meant to be getting quieter at this time of year but its not, which is wonderful but a little break would be nice too.. 

Liking: toasted banana bread for morning tea.. 

Wondering: how much longer I'll breastfeed Olive, she's happy and I'm happy but there are things coming up later in the year and I'm not sure how we're going manage them if I'm still nursing..

Loving: where we live, I'll never take it's beauty for granted, not ever!    

Hoping: for uninterrupted nights of blissful rested sleep..

Marvelling: at this beautiful baby girl every single day, she is quite something..

Needing: to stretch.. 

Smelling: open fires and sea air, it really is the best time of year

Wearing: jeans, desert boots and linen

Following: some inspiring, heart warming and like minded instagram feeds, I'm noticing that so many people in our life struggle with simplicity and I'm feeling a distance grow between us because of it..well there you go, that just came from somewhere and suddenly I have some clarity on a nagging that's been going on inside me, now that I've put my finger on it I can start to make it better..

Noticing: how my baby boy is not such a baby anymore, and how his mouth is kind of pursed when he speaks, I think its his new bigger teeth..

Knowing: my husband needs to take some regular time just for him, he used to be good at this but I'm going to have to give him a little push..

Thinking: about buying a caravan or camper to make little overnighters, or weekends away happen..

Feeling: a bit worn out and sore from not stretching..

Bookmarking: some simple dress patterns to pretty up our winter, hopefully, my sewing skills are not the best..  

Opening: happy mail from uncles to nephews.. 

Giggling: at olive as she wanders about with her eyebrows raised and her hands behind her back..

Feeling: frustrated and anxious about the new budget, seriously, do they know any real life people?!

So there you have it, some unexpected thoughts and revelations not even I was expecting.


  1. Isn't cubs just the best? Max loves it (what boy wouldn't!). So far he's less inclined to work towards multiple badges. I encourage, but not too hard... x

  2. you guys absolutely need a caravan/camper.
    it makes perfect sense.

  3. Nodding along with so many of these. Your list could be mine!

    Our camper / caravan is just coming out of hibernation. Feel like we're finally getting to make good use of it. I say do it!

    rachel xo

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  5. What a lovely blog post and that blanket, it is to die for!


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