Tuesday, April 1, 2014

that end of term feeling..

I'd already made the plans in my head while lying there on my pillow at 5am this morning, trying desperately not to let my mind wake or my eyes open.  I didn't make the bed in the hope of returning with her for a nap on this warm autumn day.

Of course she had other plans, as close as we both may have come, sleep we did not.  It was nice though, sitting back watching her unwind.  At first all excited to be in the big bed with mumma, a little bit cheeky, threatening to dive off the edge, hide and seek under the sheet, sitting straight and throwing herself back into the softness.

Then, gradually she slowed down, quietened her sweet babble and began to relax.  It's always a struggle as we come to the end of term.  Finding the energy to get things done each day becomes such an effort. Throw in endless nights of disturbed sleep, twilight shoots almost every day, and we're all just a bit short tempered and worn out.  School breaks up at the end of the week and the holidays will be most welcome!

Even though we'll continue to work, not having school runs or schedules will be a nice change of pace. Jammie days, lazy beach walks and just making it up as we go.  Time to breathe in the sea air and ease ourselves into the cooler, and possibly quieter season.

Aaaahh, yes..it does sound good.


  1. Such a gorgeous series of photos of your sweet little one Mel, especially of her yawning. It is so hard getting through the last week of school, you really have to push yourself some mornings. We are looking forward to a break here too, no routines, no lunches, I can't wait. I hope your week goes well. xx

  2. Beautifully written. Precious times those afternoon snuggles.

  3. end of term, yes, so tired! lovely pics those, they capture the mood perfectly :-)

  4. What a beautiful little girl! You have been blessed!

  5. Lovely. Here it has been a week of just a bit too much. Our school break is 2 weeks gone and everything is back to full speed ahead. Walks are good. Let's take nice long walks!

  6. i really love your photos, they always look so soft and sweet.

  7. beautiful series... love the yawn!

    enjoy the slow of the holidays x


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