Wednesday, March 12, 2014

true colours..

After lots of experimenting with pattern and colour over the years, its taken some time, but I've finally come to the conclusion that it's greys and neutrals, pure and simple that are my true colours.

It's what I love the most, what I wear pretty much all of the time and what gives me the greatest satisfaction to work with.

I adore colour and seeing all of the amazing things other people make and wear, and I like to see my kids in colours but for me its all shades of grey, classic and timeless along with soft natural earthy tones. They inspire me, comfort me and excite me.

The realisation is a bit like coming home, back to my comfort zone, and I'm loving the ribbed cowls in these tones, I'm a little addicted to making them.

sharing with Kirsty..


  1. Mel - I love your style - stick with it baby. x

  2. I'm just now getting into crocheting... you've given me such lovely inspiration!

  3. Hello Mel
    I have recently discovered your lovely blog and this post completely struck a chord - I am totally with you on the greys and neutrals. ! They soothe the soul don't they ? I too love everyone else's colourful work but just can't do it myself. Sadly, I even had a whole post dedicated to my love of grey a little while ago !
    I shall definitely be back to visit again,
    Kate x

  4. I am so with you! Grey in all it's tones from charcoal to silvery grey makes my heart sing. I love your blog and photography, it is always fantastic to visit you.


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