Sunday, February 2, 2014

summer lovin'..

some days are, dare I say it, perfect.

the sun was shining, the breeze was cool, no tantrums, no accidents, no meltdowns.  A day without these kind of happenings is beyond rare, this was our once in a blue moon day.

sure, the beach was c r a z y busy considering holidays were over and we did lose the little guy for one heart stopping moment, but overall, today was simply the best summer day ever!

this season has been hodge-podge to say the least.  air conditioner one day, heater blaring the next, but finally it feels like summer.  

school is back, routine is back, but its weekends like these that make me feel totally blessed.

we came home, showered, ate lunch, the kids watched a movie while Nick napped and I crocheted, finishing off in just a minute with a wine and pizza..pretty darn perfect.

on a personal note, I braved main beach in my bathers, I let go of my insecurities and body image issues and I had fun.  Of course, I only used the most flattering shots my adoring hubby took of me today!  Still, it was just a bit liberating.


  1. I have been missing the beach lately, you have made me miss it even more. Your beach babies looked like they were having a lot of fun. x

  2. how wonderful is it when you have those rare, but perfect days! My god you look fabulous in your swimmers & should walk proudly around the beach with bub on your hip. Also love your swimmers!

  3. Lovely photos and love those swimmers!! It looks like a great day - we are a long way from any beach, so I'm slightly envious.

  4. Your bathers are gorgeous, and you look absolutely stunning xx


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