Monday, January 20, 2014

the everyday..taking stock

making: scarves, I've a sudden urge to make, hoorah!
cooking: roast vegie soup for tomorrow night, raw beetroot salad and lamb koftas for tonight
drinking: a crisp sav blanc has been heavenly at the end of those stinking hot days last week
reading: a country style mag, it's taken me a month to get my hands on a copy!
wanting: to get school ready but procrastinating terribly
looking: at how overgrown our hedges are, it's like a jungle out there 
playing: with olive, building block towers for her to knock down with vigour
wasting: way too much time on instagram
sewing: nothing, but I've a gorgeous blue linen just waiting to become a dress
wishing: there was a magic potion for teething babies
enjoying: summer holidays and not having an agenda
waiting: anxiously for the rush to hit, this time last year work was manic, but we were still learning 
liking: watching the madmen series with the mr, we missed it when it was on tele
wondering: if taking on the photography side of our business will be manageable 
loving: how the boys loose themselves in imaginative play 
hoping: the big boys transition to high school is a smooth one 
marvelling: at how much all three of them have grown over the summer break
needing: an uninterrupted nights sleep
smelling: ocean air, you can always tell when the seaweed has been washed up onto the beach
wearing: linen..and trying to always wear a sunhat outside
following: my own advice for a change    
noticing: how much work needs to be done to this house, urgh..painting, plumbing, electrics  
knowing: I have to move the boys rooms and dreading the logistics 
thinking: the room changes will be a good opportunity to get rid of stuff
feeling: challenged already by my word/s for this year
bookmarking: nothing, not needing any further distractions
opening: lots of mail thats been sitting on the bench for days 
giggling: at the middle guy's joy in the simplest of things, like having weet-bix for breaky!
feeling: frustrated by a teething baby who just wants to be in my arms all day..and guilt about feeling frustrated

joining pip and taking stock..


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