Thursday, December 12, 2013

make do..


Our old deck chairs were looking a bit worse for wear, and there was only so much re-stitching (and re-stitching) you could do to patch them up.  They're a bit larger than your average deck chair and all the standard slip covers I bought in the past would never fit right.  So, I found these navy floral thrifted pillow slips and made some new covers. Now I just need to give the timber a bit of an oil and they will be almost good as new!

They'll see us through christmas, but I can't see them staying.  I think it's the dark background...and maybe the pattern.  I always do this.  I'm just best to stick to my neutrals.  When will I learn...  

Still, at least we can sit on them now!

What have you been getting up to lately?

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  1. Excellent repurposing Mel!!
    I love the dark blue and floral!xxJ

  2. They look great but your cutie steals the show! Heidi

  3. Sometimes it's a matter of using what you have on hand. I have a colour scheme I usually stick to and if I stray from it just for a change I usually change it back again. It just doesn't look right or feel right when it's different does it?

  4. Oooh but I like the dark background! Maybe you can have a neutral option to then you can swap them according to your fancy!

  5. They look great Mel. But that's the beauty of being able to make them yourself....just make some more if you aren't feeling the love!!! I have been thinking about making some too, using thrifted tablecloths - just gotta get the nerve to cut into them!

  6. The chairs look lovely Mel. Isn't it funny how we sometimes try to branch out but then we wonder why we didn't just stick to what we know and love. I do it all the time too. I'm sure your 'new' setting will be well loved and used over Christmas. The perfect time of year to eat alfresco!!! Melinda x

  7. i am the same with patterns and colours, i try but it never feels right.

    look at that sweet little face, how cute is she.


  8. Yes to the making do! The best kind of craft in my opinion. x


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