Thursday, September 19, 2013

made by hand..bonnets

It may be Spring, but these little blossom bonnets have been in high demand.  I'm having a lovely time making them but isn't it funny how almost as soon as there is a little warmth in the air, I have a natural urge to be using lighter yarns.

So this will be the last of making with wool and onto my cotton rug I go...right where I left off last summer.

What have you been making?  Join in over here....


  1. She's like a wee pixie! Adorabubble!!!

  2. oh please - can I purchase one for my little angel??? are they available?

  3. SOOOO much cuteness right there! Such a beautiful stitch.

    It was hardly cold enough for long enough here in Brisbane for Emerson to wear her knitted bonnet more than a handful of times this Winter.

    I've been sorting through my knitting baskets today. Putting some yarn and projects away until next year and sorting out what to work on next. :)

  4. These are just the sweetest little bonnets I've seen and your little poppet is so very cute. xx

  5. The bonnets are beautiful. And so is your photography!


  6. These are SO cute and sweet! Your little girl is just gorgeous.

    PS: I am hosting an Aden and Anais skincare giveaway at my blog today, hope you enter!


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