Monday, February 18, 2013

reality check..

My blog is a favourite place for me.  A place I like to document moments, to share my thoughts, creative bits and bobs and things I make.  There are so many blog meme's and linky's I'd love to be a part of, they are loads of fun and a nice way to be introduced to other lovely folk and their spaces, but the reality is I just don't have the time right now.  

I was especially looking forward to being a part of the gorgeous 52 project this year, I'm forever taking pictures anyway. Then suddenly yesterday as I was going through the weeks pictures I felt that they were somehow empty.  I couldn't find an image that represented a moment perfectly, and it occurred to me that after all this time, my blog is a far more personal space than I had imagined.  When I blog I want it to represent something, to have meaning and significance even if it's only for my own benefit, something for me and my gang to look back on and remember.

So for now, at least, I'm just going to blog when it counts, to me.  That little teeny weeny hand up there and those three protective big brother hands require all the time, attention and energy I can give, and that in itself is no easy feat.

So I may not be posting quite so often, but I will most definitely be popping by other lovely spaces to see what you're all up to during those quiet moments as I'm feeding little Olive, it's way too hard to stay away..x


  1. Congratulations on the new arrival Mel!

    I certainly think once you have been blogging for a little while, the reason you blog changes, as does life.

    I used to be flat out on my space and it was perfect for my life at the time but with my life has my need to blog. My blog has always been about the craft and making and with less craft time, old One Flew Over has been neglected.

    It's a little sad but I love looking back at all the stuff I documented and I know when time opens up, it will always be there.

    Enjoy this precious time and I'm looking forward to your snippets no matter how few and far between xx

  2. I think your blog needs to be all about what works for you, since it is your blog! Different stages of life and busyness mean that some things have to fall by the weyside. I'm with you though.... I may not be writing much myself but I am still visiting everyone else. x

  3. Hear, hear!

    You speak only sense, Lovely. I have discovered this bloggy malarkey can be quite a flexible sort of venture...(at least in my own head). Keep your eye on the big picture, I say.

  4. I think it is so right to listen to your heart. Take care of yourself and your wee ones. THAT is what is important. Besides, it is have never been about Quantity, it is more about quality. However, I love the sweet shot of your baby's hand. xo

  5. It is always good to get life and blogging into persepective. Blogging is only worthy of your time when it makes you feel good and documents your journey the way you want to remember it.

  6. your not alone, this is how i like to blog too. Xx

  7. Oh Mel! A very sweet little girl! I miss so much in blogland these days. I'm so glad it all went well and you now have another girl in the mix! You're not quite so outnumbered these days. lol. So love her name too. Take care and I wish you all so much of the good stuff for the times to come. ♥


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