Thursday, January 24, 2013

quiet craft..

Staying indoors after a morning at the beach, keeping myself cool and my fingers busy making a rugged little garland, just because..

It's quiet around here.

Catching up on admin, some movie watching, a little bit too much wii playing, but I'm okay with that today. Everyone is happy, calm and relaxed.  It's the last week of holidays after all..

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  1. Your work is beyond stunning. I have crochet envy of the nicest kind =)

  2. So lovely :)Oh I want to learn!

    Sophie xo

  3. Yesterday was my first quiet day in 5 days where everyone was back in school and the flu had finally left our coop.....sometimes these quiet inside play days are nice....enjoy your last week with them!
    How have you been feeling? Not to much longer...I can't wait! Heidi

  4. What a perfect way to finish off the holidays! Just because is the best reason ever!

  5. Just sublime, Mel, you clever minx. When I grow up, I want to be like you! J x


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