Sunday, November 11, 2012

springtime frivolities..

we enjoyed a ladies day out at a local winery, all dressed up with our pretty frocks and facinators, champers, sparkling mineral water for me of course, and lots and lots of laughs...
this sweet old bike was roped into some shenanigans as the day went on, pictures best left unpublished, though this one of my gorgeous girlfriend I can't help but share..
it was so nice to be all dressed up and lady like..
but I have to say, with the extra weight of the little bundle, my feet certainly appreciated the crisp coolness of the ocean today.  Springtime weather at it's absolute finest.. 


  1. Oh Mel you just look stunning! What a beautiful day you must have had. But nothing beats the sea lapping at your toes though. WIshing you a lovely week.
    Steph :) x

  2. Wherever local is to you, it sure looks lovely!

  3. Mel you look so beautiful. I love the bike you're friend is on.

  4. Nothing like the ocean for tired feet. Your day looked like a lot of fun and it is nice to dress up now and then. x

  5. You look gorgeous, and so does your friend! It's so good to have some lovely mates to share life with isn't it? And also good to step out of the parenting role and have some fun. Love that last shot, oh how I miss the sea. Hope you are well and enjoying some beautiful sunshine this week. Take care xo

  6. Both of you looking gorgeous indeed! Loving the Spring days, not looking forward to the heat of Summer. :)

  7. Look at you gorgeous girls!!

    rachel xo

  8. What an adorable post, Mel. I'm sooo delighted to see you - you look truly radiant, my friend. Happy days! J x


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